In the case of cabin structure and seating, there is a considerably unwritten rule across the order and placement of cabins: The costlier your ticket and repair class, the additional ahead your specific cabin shall be. Top notch (if supplied) goes…effectively…first. Behind this might be enterprise class, adopted by premium financial system. Final, at all times, is, after all, normal financial system class. However what airways break this norm? Let’s take a look at some examples.

Edelweiss Airbus A340-300

Cabin order from entrance to again: Premium economy-business-economy

Our first instance comes from Swiss operator Edelweiss and its Airbus A340-300. With this cabin configuration, the primary 10 rows of the plane comprise an financial system class cabin- Economic system Max, to be particular.


In Economic system Max, Edelweiss guarantees “with long-lasting enjoyment that features sitting in consolation and having fun with good meals,” with the seats given extra legroom than normal financial system. Behind that is the plane’s enterprise class cabin, which fills out rows 11 to 17 with 27 lie-flat seats, which the airline’s web site says is akin to “sitting on cloud 9.”

Behind enterprise class is normal financial system, stretching from rows 18 to 45.

The rationale for this peculiarity is reportedly as a result of plane being a former Swiss (airline) plane, which was configured with a first-class cabin- one thing that Edelweiss did not supply.

Emirates A380-800

Higher deck cabin order from entrance to again: Economic system-business class

Solely in terms of Emirates’ two-class Airbus A380 configuration is that this current. Whereas the decrease deck is all financial system class, the superjumbo’s higher deck has financial system class upfront, from rows 24 to 39.

The numbers are additionally considerably ‘out of order’ from the traditional ascending order, going from entrance to again. Certainly, behind the higher deck financial system class are the 58 seats of enterprise class, which stretches from row six to 23. One should surprise if any passengers have been confused by the plane configuration’s row numbers. That is Emirates’ highest-density structure, with 557 seats going to financial system class.

Having this configuration permits Emirates to position its enterprise class lounge close to the again of the plane, subsequent to its galley and the massive cluster of toilets.

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Air China Boeing 747s

Decrease deck cabin order from entrance to again: Enterprise class-first-(premium financial system)-economy

On Air China’s 747s, enterprise class is positioned in entrance of first-class. That is the case for each the airline’s 747-400s and 747-8s. The principle cabin configuration distinction between the 2 generations of jumbo jets is that Air China’s 747-8i is fitted with a premium financial system as effectively. Thus, on the airline’s 747-400s, first-class ‘takes a backseat’ to enterprise and is adopted by normal financial system.

The rationale for Air China’s configuration is reportedly as a result of form of the nostril, which could not deal with the cabin of first-class.

Whereas this does not influence an airline’s operations a lot (if in any respect), it is at all times enjoyable and attention-grabbing to notice some peculiarities that break the norm and what we’re, maybe, unconsciously accustomed to.

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