“Falsehood flies and reality comes limping after it.”

                                                         -Jonathan Swift

The erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir consisted of three major areas viz Gilgit company, Kashmir Province and the Jammu province. The latter additionally included the jagirs of Poonch and Chaneni, and Ladakh. Nonetheless, the partition of India in 1947 adversely affected the state’s territorial integrity. By means of its bare aggression, Pakistan occupied a big space of the state.

J&Ok appears clouded by exhaustion and squeezed by Pakistan’s drone-like publicity of falsehoods. For the previous seventy-five years, varied biased narratives have been construed by Pakistan. This was executed out of blends, allusions, distortions, and deliberate falsifications over the J&Ok’s accession to India on 26 Oct 1947. The concepts of a referendum, democracy, human rights and many others., have colored the folks’s perceptions about the issue of J&Ok with totally different shades. The lies are so prevalent that many don’t care to understand that India’s provide of plebiscite in J & Ok was rendered unimplementable and subsequently not possible by Pakistan’s refusal to vacate the illegally occupied areas of the state. The distortions of historic information have, in flip, performed a stereotypical position in shaping the minds of the folks of J&Ok and world opinion. 

Essentially the most blatant lie unfold by Pakistan is the concept Pakistan was created primarily on account of a basic battle between Hindus and Muslims. This concept is predicated on the notion of a civilisational divide between monolithic Hindu and Muslim identities, which by no means existed. The emphasis on faith by Pakistan neglected varied different elements that might minimize throughout each identities.

Sadly, Maharaja Hari Singh couldn’t make up his thoughts to affix India or Pakistan earlier than 14/15 Aug 1947. It was unrealistic sufficient to imagine that J&Ok may retain an impartial stance. This credence may have motivated him to postpone his choice. He was confronted with many issues. Pakistan thinks that J&Ok was illegitimately ceded to India by a ruler who didn’t characterize the folks. Moreover, Pakistan argued that the majority Muslim states went to Pakistan, and J&Ok belonged to them. 

Pakistan had deliberate to invade J&Ok quickly after gaining independence. On 20 Aug 1947, a secret letter was acquired by Maj Onkar Singh Kalkat from Gen Sir Frank Messervy GHQ, Rawalpindi, that Pakistan would launch an invasion to seize J&Ok on 20 Oct 1947 below the code identify ‘Operation Gulmarg’. (Kashmir’s Untold Story Labeled by Iqbal Chand Malhotra & Maroof Raza, p.63, BLOOMSBURY INDIA, New Delhi, 2019)

In a bid to drive J&Ok to accede to Pakistan, blocked the state borders and denied important provides to the state’s folks. All alongside the borders, Pakistan harassed folks by finishing up hit-and-run raids, looting, plundering, and murdering the residents. Arms, ammunition and warlike shops have been issued to the Muslims staying close to the border to boost the revolt in opposition to the state officers. The raiders displayed techniques that instructed they have been adequately skilled in organised warfare, led primarily by Pakistan military officers and ex-servicemen. Nonetheless, the spectacular success of the airlift of the Indian Military to Srinagar airfield on 27 Oct 1947 annoyed Pakistan’s plan to annex J&Ok by drive.

Pakistan launched a skillfully crafted marketing campaign claiming that J&Ok was a disputed territory, and each Pakistan and India have been litigants. Pakistan denied its position within the tribals’ invasion of J&Ok. However Pakistan’s lies have been uncovered by the UN fee that visited Karachi in July 1948. These raiders have been led by Maj Gen Akbar Khan, Maj Gen Sher Khan, and plenty of junior officers. Pakistan moved its 7th Infantry Division to POJK.

Sardar Ibrahim introduced the provisional authorities of Azad Kashmir on the behest of Pakistan. Midnight phone calls have been acquired from Rawalpindi Commissioner Khwaja Rahim and Begum Nasim, the then-wife of Col. Akbar Khan. The episode reveals that it was a command from Pakistan, not the folks’s needs, as claimed by Pakistan. The UN didn’t recognise the so-called Azad Kashmir authorities. Even Pakistan didn’t recognise its creation, as Pakistan’s International Minister Sir Zafarullah Khan informed the UN Fee for India and Pakistan (UNCIP). This will sound ridiculous, however Pakistan didn’t need to give Azad Kashmir an impartial standing within the eyes of worldwide legislation. Azadi was merely a slogan to annex J&Ok, and even immediately, Pakistan is promoting this concept to the folks of J&Ok. 

Pakistan grabbed the Northern Areas/Gilgit-Baltistan, a strategic space within the north and has been controlling it since 1947. Maharaja leased this space to British-India in 1935 for sixty years. Main Brown, who headed Gilgit Scouts, and led the revolt in Nov 1947 in opposition to Maharaja’s administration, was a serving British officer. Main Brown, in his memoirs, has described his actions as a coup d’etat. He hoisted the Pakistan flag on 04 Nov 1947.

POJK Excessive Courtroom’s judgment of 1993 dropped at gentle that Pakistan had separated Northern Areas from POK by way of the Karachi Settlement of 1949 and its veracity is uncertain. The settlement was stored secret because it modified the territorial established order with out the referendum. The Excessive Courtroom, in its judgment, described Pakistan’s actions as a violation of the UN Safety Council resolutions on J&Ok.

Additionally, by thrusting a warfare on India in 1965, Pakistan negated the explanation for referring to the UNSC in 1948. Varied preparations agreed upon with Pakistan by way of the mediation of the United Nations Safety Council (UNSC) have been primarily based on the integrity and inviolability of the cease-fire line established after the 1947-48 skirmishes. By invading J&Ok in 1965, Pakistan lowered the resolutions of 1948 and 1949 useless. 

Following the Soviet Union’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan determined to make use of the Mujahideen to foment bother in Jammu and Kashmir within the late 80s. Within the Kargil incursion, Pakistan additionally pretended that solely the mujahideen have been combating the Indian forces when there may be ample documentary proof from Pakistani sources, together with obituary notices, to point that Pakistan Military carried out the operation. Pakistan has additionally denied that no terrorist teams function from its soil in opposition to India in J&Ok, however sufficient proof is obtainable within the public area to blunt these lies of Pakistan.

Conclusion: There’s a new actuality within the making in Jammu and Kashmir. It’s pushed by financial growth, social progress and gender justice. Its future is predicated on freedom from intimidation and worry of terrorists. The lies Pakistan created in opposition to India are lastly getting Pakistan caught on this golden internet. Pakistan has already launched a proxy warfare in opposition to India in Kashmir, which is being carried out on the shoulders of youths from J&Ok. This warfare is being fought on our soil, with our cash and in opposition to our folks. Pakistan has not staked something, however we’ve staked every part. Due to this fact, we must always not hesitate to counter this proxy warfare. There’s a want for replying to Pakistan within the language it understands as a result of the query doesn’t relate to Kashmir and Kashmiri Hindus however to the integrity and sovereignty of your entire nation.




Views expressed above are the writer’s personal.



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